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Chabujo x WE Int.

Who is "Chabujo"?

Chabujo, an abbreviation of Chabudai Gaeshi Jyoshi Action (ちゃぶ台返し女子アクション), is a grassroots feminist organization based in Tokyo, Japan, using community organizing to mobilise people. Their organization name translates to “Turn Over Table Ladies” in Japanese. Chabudai is a traditional Japanese table that is associated with an enraged father flipping it and scattering dinner—prepared carefully by the wife, who is also the one to clean up the mess. Their name primarily signifies the symbolic ‘flipping’ of patriarchy, as well as more generally the ‘flipping’ of oppressive structures and norms.

The organization is mainly working on two projects: raising awareness about the concept of ‘consent’ amongst university students in Japan, and challenging restrictive gender roles in both workplaces and at home.


What We Do

Project 1: Seminars on Gender Sensitive Leadership


Host seminars on ‘true leadership’ for all university students at the University of Tokyo. We are planning to host these seminars at other universities in the future. 

Project 2: Campaign to Raise Awareness About Sexual Consent 


We are conducting a nationwide campaign to disperse the notion of sexual consent in Japanese society, in collaboration with different women/feminist groups. For instance, we will conduct an e-signing campaign to incorporate a brief session on sexual consent as part of new student orientation programs.

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