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Event Report: Period rediscovered. #1 "Why We Menstruate"

On Saturday March 20, WomEnpowered International hosted the first session of Period rediscovered., a six-part talk series on menstruation and women’s health. The first session “Why We Menstruate” focused on the biological and physiological explanation of menstruation.

We welcomed Dr. Yosuke Matsumiya, medical doctor specializing in obsteritics and gynaecology, who provided an informative and fascinating presentation on the menstrual mechanism. His presentation importantly redefined the meaning of “normal” period - a concept that pressures many women who are fed with inaccurate information. Please look forward to our infographic summary of the key takeaways from the lecture! You can also access Dr. Matsumiya's presentation here.

One of the reasons we invited a male speaker for the first session was to invite men into the audience, in order to make conversation on periods not only about women, but also of all people. As a result, six men (one-third of the participants!) attended and learned about menstruation together with women. We hope to promote more gender inclusion when discussing menstruation and women’s health, because menstruation is not only relevant to women, but also relevant to all humans!

Full recording of the session is available only to WE Int. members and event participants. Please contact to access the recording.

Next session, #2 Period Products will take place on Sunday, April 18.

Please make sure to register from this sign-up form!

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