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Event Report: Period rediscovered. #2 Period products

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

The second session of our six-part discussion series Period rediscovered. focused on period products. How many period products can you name? We discussed:

  • pads

  • reusable cloth pads

  • washable underwear

  • menstrual cup

  • menstrual sponge

  • menstrual disc

The discussion was supported by our advisors, Dr. Magali Matsumiya, Dr. Yosuke Matsumiya and Dr. Sonia Tsukagoshi. First, we presented a short introduction of each product with their characteristics including cost, whether they are insertable or not; reusable or not; etc. Then, a lively open discussion took place as the audience shared personal experiences of trying different products, or asked questions that they are curious about. The menstrual cup came up as a quite popular product among the event attendees as it allows for comfort while doing sports (e.g swimming) and it’s reusable (better for the environment). However, those who use it emphasized that there is a learning curve in finding out which brand and how it work best.

Some important points to note are:

  • The products discussed are period products. Although some of them can be used during intercourse, they are not a contraceptive.

  • Listen to your body and honor your preferences and values! There is no particular hierarchy between the products. We do not recommend a specific product. We recommend you to try and see what feels best for you!

  • If trying new period products, expect a learning curve!

For more information please check the infographic below! For the infographics from all sessions check under the Resources Tab.

Stay updated with our next events here!

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