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Event Report: Period rediscovered. #3 Contraceptives and period

WomEnpowered International hosted the third session of Period rediscovered., a six-part discussion series on menstruation. The event focused on different kinds of contraceptives and how they affect the body and menstruation. After a brief introduction on what contraceptives are, our team gave a short introduction to each of the following contraceptives:

  • Combined Pill

  • Progestogen-only Pill (POP)

  • Contraceptive Implant

  • Contraceptive injection

  • Contraceptive Patch

  • Coils (IUD/IUS)

  • Vaginal Ring

  • Condoms (female & male)

  • Sterilization (female & male)

  • Morning-after pill

  • Natural family planning (=fertility awareness)

Please find additional details about these contraceptives on the slides: Session 3 slides

This was followed by a myth busting session about contraceptives and Q&A session with our advisor Dr. Sonia Tsukagoshi. Please check out our infographic summarizing some of the interesting things we learnt.

Full recording of the session is available only to WE Int. members and event participants. Please contact to access the recording.

For more information please check the infographic below! For the infographics from all sessions check under the Resources Tab.

Stay updated with our next events here!

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