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NEW Event from WE Int.: Empower Women Through Fitness by Tomo Okabe

Updated: Jul 24, 2019


*English translation below*

みなさん、岡部友(おかべ とも)トレーナーについてご存知ですか?この度、WE Int.はEmpower Women Through Fitnessというイベントを開催し、ゲストとして岡部友トレーナーをお招きします。今回、岡部さんをゲストとして招く理由は、彼女の「運動を通じて心を鍛える」というユニークなトレーニングメソッドにあります。それは、日本のフィットネスシーンにありがちな「減量重視」から一線を画すものだと思っています。

日本では「心を強くする」という事についてあまり語られる事はなく、どういうことなのか分からない方も多いと思います。岡部さんはこの点につき、『Women’s Heath』のインタビューでこう語っています。「私のメソッドは、まず自分を認めるところから始めます。他人のようになりたい、じゃなくて、今の自分よりよくなることを目標にする。自分のビフォーより良くなる。それで生まれた自信を他のことに使おうという指導をしています。ですから、そのきっかけを作る可能性があるトレーニングは重要ですし、絶対に結果を出そうと思っています。何かのために努力して、変えようと思っているなんて、そのこと自体がすごいことですよね。そこに関わることは責任重大だと思って仕事しています」





Do you know about Ms. Okabe? WE Int. is inviting her as a guest for our "Empower Women Through Fitness" event because of her unique trading method:“building a stronger mentality through fitness”. This is complete opposite of the trendy Japanese training campaigns that focuses on “weight lost”.

In Japan, some people feel lost on how to become mentally strong because people don’t discuss about it often. Ms. Tomo states in her interview with Women’s Health Magazine , “My method begins with accepting yourself. Instead of focusing on ‘I want to be like that person’, I want people to aim to become a better version of themselves compared to today as a goal. Become better than before. I teach them to apply the confidence they earned through that process somewhere else. Fitness is important because it can be utilized as an opportunity, which is why I want to help deliver the best results. The fact that you put in so much effort to change for a reason, that action itself is something amazing. When I’m working, I feel great responsibility for being able to engage in that process”.

Ms. Tomo focuses on women’s empowerment and many Japanese women that takes Tomo’s sessions comes out mentally strong and confident in themselves. She mentions in her book, "Kintorega orenai watashiwo tsukuru ('Weight Training to Become Your Strongest Self ')" that “the change in the appearance is just a bonus”.

Although she is famous as a “beauty-hip trainer”, it is just a title that the media gave her. We highly encourage everyone to come to our event to meet Ms. Okabe to see the other face that you usually don’t see on the media!

Claim your spot to the event HERE:

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