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Statement of Solidarity and Call to Action to Support the People of Afghanistan

With the Taliban taking over Afghanistan, women, girls, and vulnerable communities are facing alarming levels of increased risk. ​​​​Several media has stated that the Taliban and their supporters have forced women into marriages, closing access to education for girls and women, and physically harming women. They have taken away human rights, education, and freedom.

WomEnpowered International stands with Afghan women and these vulnerable communities. Afghan women and girls have played a pivotal role and contributed significantly to their country. It is crucial that their democratic rights and freedoms be protected and that their voices continue to be heard.

We call upon our UN Security Council member countries and also upon global leaders such as G20 leaders to fight for the restoration of the rule of law, democratic rights, and freedoms, and that they commit to providing humanitarian aid, including opening the borders to girls and women refugees feeling gender-based violence/genocide, and assistance through transportation for Afgan individuals fleeing the violence of the Taliban.

We urge our followers to donate funds, sign petitions, and share this post so that it will reach more caring people who may take action before it is too late.

Please see the resources provided from the link, offering suggestions about how to support Afghan families through donations, petitions, and offers of sponsorship: HERE

(Credit to Refugee Council USA for the compiled list)

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