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WE Int. Coffee Conversations Vol. 11

In Vol. 11 of Coffee Conversations this morning (9th Jan 2021), we shared our experiences with menstruation. We answered questions such as: Do you remember your first period? How has it changed over the years? What is an embarrassing experience you had? What products do you use (pads, tampons, cloth pads, menstrual cups, pills)? Thank you, everyone, for being so open, honest, and respectful. To conclude the session, we shared pieces of advice that we would give to our younger selves:

  • Nutrition can significantly impact your cycle! So make informed choices. Dieting hides a lot of health risks.

  • Educate yourself! Ask questions, learn from reliable sources, and understand your body, even if you are not provided with this information in school.

  • Share your experiences with your friends and hear from them! The diversity of experiences will help you support each other.

  • There is no need to suffer! If you find it uncomfortable to use pads, or impossible to wear tampons, or you feel too much pain during your period - seek comfort. There are probably helpful alternatives out there.

Do you agree with these conclusions? What advice would you give? Feel free to message us and join the conversation!

Coffee Conversations are monthly sessions aimed at simply getting to know each other, creating friendships while sharing experiences about gender/women's issues or anything else. The sessions create an inclusive and respectful space - everyone is welcome!

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