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W20 Japan x WE Int.

About W20


W20 is an official engagement group that proposes policy recommendations related to women for the G20.

The primary purpose of W20 is to implement 25 by 25 that declares, “The G20 will decrease the labor force participation gap between men and women to 25%,” adopted at the G20 Brisbane Summit in 2014.


The G20’s common understanding is that women’s social advancement means economic empowerment, which is also a basic idea of SDGs. The fifth W20 in Japan 2019 will demand action and results based on previous discussions, and it will focus on the four pillars: labor equity, financial equity, digital equity, governance.


What We Do


A collaborative research project for the creation of W20’s action plan, which will be used for lobbying the G20’s sherpas of each country. Concretely speaking, W20 is working to establish a network and ecosystem to support female entrepreneurs in G20 economies.  

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